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...love in any form always beat the dark

15 June
I'm perpectually tired. -lol- I'm tackling my first major TW Janto fic that ballooned from the plotted 18 chapters to beyond 30. And oddly enough, I am loving it.

I tend to write dark fic and break my boys but I always finish with happy endings because I'm old fashioned; I believe in love conquers all.


*DECEMBER 28, 2008*

THE ONCOMING STORM won in the Jack/Ianto Dark/Angst, Doctor Who/Torchwood Crossover, and WiP Children of Time Award. Thank you all who voted!

Janto Dark

Janto WIP

janto crossover

I had a lot of fun participating in the Stopwatch Fic Exchange:

Please support Holiday Big Bang below! You don't need to write, just share your prompts if you like!

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RIP: TAC, October, 2009
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