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Mommy Cowering Under Desk

Warning: Late night, blearily eyed whining enclosed...

Working on my Dark Angel Big Bang. First Big Bang. So far, everyone's been fabulous. Got my first glimpse of the art. Now considering hiding under my desk because there's no way my fic can live up to this. The emotional beauty of it reminds me of the wonderful art bassair made me for Oncoming Storm (yes, still working in this verse). The right images to give you the emotional punch that is visceral.

Is this how the participants of NaNoWriMo feels? I started out with 17K, then 35K, now at 50K. My betas are going to have an uprising. My brain is going to have an uprising. I'm writing the preliminaries of my pro-novel and in the back of my head, all my other writing wants to come forth. When I write my fanfic, my Pro novel whines for attention. Oh, it feels noisy in my head. I would drink if it didn't make my writing...odd. (IE: Nine Months to Heaven, LOL)

How do you all work Big Bang? I'm exhausted and humbled by the art. Blessed mod granted a stay of execution an extension which is much needed. Now I can slow down (not really), do laundry, declutter my house and feed my family non-packaged-frozen-canned-microwaved food! Still...Oh my, the pressure to not be awful! I need to thaw out my stash of Girl scout cookies from the freezer.

Don't tell hubby though.

He thinks he ate the last of the thin mints.