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Title: Reconstruction | Book 2: Dreaming
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairing: Alec/Logan
Rating: R
Words: 130K+ words, Complete
Summary: Alec told Cale his real name, gone legit (legit), and started stalking following Logan Cale around. Something's up with Logan. And Alec isn't sure what the hell he's doing either. He sure as hell was going to figure out one of the questions. Sequel to DA's 2013 Big Bang Reconstruction | Book 1: Awakening

link to AO3 and notesCollapse )

QUESTION: Torchwood & Dark Angel Sequels

I've been playing around with this in my head and honestly, I'm fearing if I don't post now, I might never post. So my question to you, dear readers, is:

Mommy is behind the timesCollapse )
Before I crawl into bed with my post Christmas stuffed tummy, I offer this little fic.

Title: Say It With...
Author: d8rkmessngr
Rating: R 6500 words, Complete
Warning/Spoilers: fluff, pure fluff with smut in the end, no spoilers
Summary: Don always loved to give Tim flowers. There are five that stood out.
Author's Note: My beta is humble and would like to stay anonymous. Regardless, I would still like to sing my beta's praises. I learned so much. Thus fic was originally meant for the tim_don_a_thon fest. Obviously, this fic is very late. (abashed)

( to the fic )
Title: Reconstruction | Book 1: Awakenings
Author: d8rkmessngr
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairing: Alec/Logan
Rating: R
Words: 52K+ words, Complete, betaed by Eliza, ladyarcherfan3, and shygryl
Summary: Alec has been hiding out from Manticore in Seattle. He steals from the rich; spends it until he's poor. He gets paid for sex. He squats different dumps every week. But he's okay. He's great. But one day, he meets someone while breaking into a certain penthouse. And he's now discovering he's not really that okay after all. Neither is his new friend. But you know what? That's really okay...

Link to Fic on AO3:
A Dark Angel Big Bang 2013. An AU glimpse of what could have happened if Max did leave after all in Season 1's "Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof"

cover by evian_fork

CreditsCollapse )

Mommy's Not Quite Holiday Rant

Twins. Gotta love them. When they look at you, no matter how old, and you're attacked with matching set of puppy dog eyes. Two of everything: cuteness and...

"Mommy, we really really love your banana bread and cookies. They're awesome and yummy and wepromisedourteacheryouwouldmakethemforFriday'sbakepleasepleaseplease?"


Twins. Two of everything. Two.

Meanwhile, back in the ranch (lol), hubby has been conveniently inconvenienced with doing overtime, "Oh honey, sorry, tomorrow, okay?"

Right on laundry day. Hmmm...

Buried in flour, hands flailing in the air.

And I need to post Big Bang this Saturday.


Happy Holidays, everyone!

LOL (I think),


Mommy's Christmas Memories

I think back and all I remember is the baking and smelling like cookie dough for days. And once my twins made hubby stake out our fireplace for Santa. Dressed in his uniform, begrudgingly staking out our gas fireplace for Santa to come so hubby could arrest him for breaking-and-entering.

My darlings were so cute then.

I was twenty pounds lighter then, too.

Years of holiday baking later...LOL.

Ah, good times. Next...puberty.


Happy holidays, all!

Mommy Whining About Turkey

Turkey? Chicken? Pork chops? Pot roast? Ribs?! (Ribs?!)

Why couldn't my family be vegetarians? Grocery shopping for Thanksgiving would be so much easier:

Menu: Mash potatoes. More mash potatoes. And yes, mash potatoes.

And pie.


Who Shouldn't Be Eating This Much Carbs,

Mommy Cowering Under Desk

Warning: Late night, blearily eyed whining enclosed...

Here is where I break out the SchnappsCollapse )
Five pounds. Five! In a month when I was trying to lose. And Halloween baking tomorrow. I'm done for. Pray for me, my LJ siblings. Give me strength to resist test tasting snacking the cupcakes and cookies I'm baking.

This would be better if fic came out of my frustrations but all I've done is read, read, and read. I'm binging on Inception, Avengers, and Star Trek slash fic. You would think reading about all those pretty people would motivate me to revisit my bike. Nope, not working.

I have two pleas for help.

Despite RL, I managed a bit of Dark Angel Alec/Logan fic for the DA Big Bang. Um, about 100 pages worth. Yikes! I have a beta working on the last half of the bane of my existence fic but I also made adjustments as per beta reader's suggestions so I need a read-through. Anyone interested?

And I'm signed up to write Donald Strachey fic. I have an idea but need to write to someone to keep me on track, like an alpha-reader and then someone to go over it (a beta-reader).


Warning: mommy's grammar is bad as, well, bad. LOL.


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