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Posting TOS on AO3

AO3 1
Mommy 0


Remind me never, ever write this long again!

Almost finished posting on AO3. Hoping to be done by Friday. I'm napping now. Zzzz


Oncoming Storm: Still Posting

Remind me never to write this long again. It's taking me forever to put it up on AO3. Got up to chapter 18. I need a nap....LOL.


Oncoming Storm On AO3

Well, I'm officially up to the times. Sort of. LOL.

Bear with me. This is tougher than I thought!

Oncoming Storm on AO3

Oh My & A Tiny Snippet

Oh my. I'm overwhelmed by the 'Welcome back's. Thank you! Yes, I'm pro-writing, yet the urge to write fanfic battles for attention. As for comparison to Bujold or Harper? (blush) I'll just be happy if the book sales pay for our roof and the rising cost of food (growing kids + soccer practice = eek!).

I've only begun writing something other than fanfic and it gives me a huge, even larger respect for the writers out there. How do they do it? Where do they get their ideas? How do they stay focus? Did I remember to separate my whites from my--never mind. LOL.

Snippet from an old friendCollapse )

What I'm Working On...

Goodness, has it been years?! Bsck working now that the twins are older (sniffle) and was looking through my pile of what I'm working on:

In no particular order:
1. Eye of the storm...30%
2. Oncoming Storm...reposting on Archive of our Own (done when I figure out how to post it, lol)
3. Inception Slash ficlet
4. Dark Angel Alec/Logan AU...40%
5. Pro M/M novel...30%

I need a nap. LOL.


Looking For Multi-fandom Betas

Not for me, though. Sadly, my writing has slowed considerably with my age (lol) although my latest obsession I have with a Dark Angel AU and an Avengers AU is a bit frightening.

A friend of mine mrwubbles is in need of a beta or betas. However, she is a gen writer (I like her anyway, LOL) and as much as I tried to help her, my grammar skills are as bad as she thinks hers is.

Her main reason for needing betas is that she's writing gift fics that are for her regular betas. Not much a surprise if she gives them to edit. LOL.

I'm muzzy about LJ. But perhaps you all would know better. Are there LJ communities where one could find a beta? She's multi-fandom though. Not kidding; she actively writes in eight different fandoms but she never posts anything that hasn't been reviewed and proofed first.

And yes, still writing on my end. Eye of the Storm, if it still interests you, is at 30%. But slowly. Working full-time now and forgotten how tiring it gets when I put in a full day. But it keeps the mortgage at bay and fills my coffers for the twins' college funds. (shudder)

Why can't I win Powerball? I don't think anyone has won in NH!


PS: hello, hugs and kisses to all by the way! :)

Mommy Sighs... (Laptop Woes STILL)

My darlings,

I've been educed to the Library for my Internet for the time being so understandably my time playing in LJ w2as reduced significantly. If you had posted, messaged, commented, friended recently, to coin what I overheard some kids: this suck. LOL.

Not ignoring you all. I desperately want to reach out and read but alas....

Soon though. Back-to-school sales are here!

Behave! :)


Mommy Sighs... (Laptop Woes)

I've been quiet because my computer was quiet. On a library computer right now. Hubby promised a new laptop and Avengers for my birthday. Saw a lot of comments, PM's and just wanted to say I'm still here! I got writer's block the size of the dead tree we need to figure out how to pay for to take down. (tree or computer, hm)

Just wanted to say I'm still here, in withdrawal of fic. Luckily, I had loaded far more fic than necessary for my cruise, about 500+ or so onto my little Kindle but I will go through withdrawal soon. Terrifying.

Hope you all are well out there. Be back soon. Hopefully!


Mommy Sighs... (Packing)

Leaving on trip in two weeks. All I've planned so far is what to wear, tried everything today and nothing fits. Mommy going in a muumuu. LOL...

If I chain myself in the bedroom for a week and only write, maybe I'll drop a pound? (hopeful)


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